Mar 8, 2014

Pre-Free Agency New York Jets 2014 Mock Draft 7 Rounds

New York Jets have many needs, heading into free agency as well as the 2014 NFL Draft... G.M. John Idzik's plan is simple he is looking to patch certain position for the intermediate future while drafting long term solutions that may need a year or two to groom for either starting roles or situational roles/special teams... Not every selection via the draft will hit, some will miss but that is the gamble of the draft, so finding those veterans through free agency will help build for the future...
So right now as it stands the Jets have 5 needs:

  1. Offensive Guard
  2. Wide Receiver
  3. Cornerback
  4. Linebacker
  5. Quarterback
Free Agency is likely the place where 2 of these 5 major needs will be filled...

  1. Offensive Guard
  2. Quarterback
Leaving us the need to fill the Top 3 Needs in the Draft... Here is a 7 Round Mock of all 8 Selections for the Jets this May in the 2014 NFL Draft:

  1. Round 1: WR Allen Robinson, Penn State (Jack of All Trades)
  2. Round 2: WR Jarvis Landry, Louisiana State (Return Specialist)
  3. Round 3: DL KaReem Martin, North Carolina (OLB)
  4. Round 3: TE Arthur Lynch, Georgia (Inline Blocker)
  5. Round 4: LB Prince Shembo, Notre Dame (OLB,MLB)
  6. Round 5: CB Phillip Gaines, Rice (NB)
  7. Round 6: RB LaDarius Perkins, Mississippi State (Pass Catcher)
  8. Round 7: FS Dez Southward, Wisconsin (Coverage Safety)